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Tim Toler of Danville Area CC commits to Northern Illinois

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It's really strange covering this much basketball recruiting in the Patton era.  Up to this point, there really hasn't been any media coverage, guys have just shown up on rosters or through press releases from time to time and that was that.  It's hard to get excited about transfers, because they have to sit out a year before they can even play.  Plus you can only get so many Colorado transfers (2).  I believe that the last recruit that fans were particularly excited about was Tyler Storm, but he hasn't lived up to his potential yet.  Tony Nixon is another one that comes to mind, but he saw limited time this past year as a freshman.

There had been some speculation over where Jake Anderson's scholarship would end up.  Would it go to a guard on the team (Antone Christian/Justin Peaster) or would the Huskies save it next year and load up with 5 new players

Toler is 6'7" 270 lbs, but a lot of that is good weight according to Toler:

"I'm a versatile big man," Toler said. "I'm 270 (pounds) but I've got a lot of muscle mass. I feel like the best parts of my game are my post game and I can shoot the three."

A guy that big can shoot the three?

Toler averaged 14.7 points and 8.6 rebounds a game this past season for Danville. He shot 49.6 percent from the field and went 17-of-48 (35.4 percent) from three-point range. Toler shot 75.5 percent from the free-throw line.

As sad as it may seem, Toler's 35.4% shooting from 3-pt range would have actually led the team this past year.  75.5% from the charity stripe is always a welcome sight.  The departed seniors in Najul Ervin and Ante Dzepina had big bodies, but nowhere close to the skillset that guys like Toler an Nate Rucker have.

So who else was after him?

His Rivals Profile confirms that he also had offers from Eastern Illinois and MTSU.  Rivals also ranked him as one of the top 150 JUCO players in the 2010 class.

MidStateHoops reports that he was deciding between Southern Illinois and Eastern Kentucky and ranks him as the #10 JC Sophomore in Illinois:

"They want me to come right in and start.  They see me being an All-Conference player.  With the players coming back I think we have a chance to win right away.  The whole staff recruited me harder than any school especially Coach Townsend who was a big part of my commitment."

He's insurance and competition against Nate Rucker, who suffered a broken ankle as his season was winding down.  Fellow Indianapolis native Kyree Jones was also instrumental in his recruitment.

He'll only be eligible for two years, but Patton is feeling the fire and has to win now or else.