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The Daily Diesel has Blackhawk fever

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First and foremost, the only thing getting me through this long offseason is watching the Chicago Blackhawks.  The last two games have been absolutely epic and I can't wait for the Hawks to take the Sharks by their fins and go up 3-0 tonight.  If you enjoy hockey knowledge, heavy metal references, alcohol and the occasional swear word, make sure to head over to SBN's own Second City Hockey7 PM, Versus.

Quick Hitz

Huskie Wire has Phil Steele's All-MAC team all served up on a platter... more on Kathi Bennett's family ties to basketball

Huskie track finishes their outdoor season improving to 11th in the MAC Championships Huskie softball ends their run in the MAC tourney with a 0-1 loss to #1 seed Akron... Graham Watson likes NIU in a bowl game... Jake Nordin will play fullback instead of tight end for the Detroit Lions...

Around the MAC

Bull Run does a way-too-early preview of the MAC... Kyle Warber thinks that conference re-alignment would be great for Central Michigan due to their strong resume

What can you say about the Toledo Launch Pad that hasn't been said already about the iPad?... more Muncie, Indiana media references than you can shake a stick at... inadvertent text message recipient Shawn Lemon returns to Akron...  CFN previews EMU as well...

Pre-Snap Read has Eastern Michigan at #119 plus 5 likes/dislikes, Miami OH at #112 with 5 likes/dislikes and Buffalo at #108 + 5/5... 

College Gridiron 365 has EMU at #120, Miami OH at #117, Toledo at #111 and Ball State at #106

Around the Big 10/11/12

Iowa State's starting right tackle Scott Haughton has been dismissed from the Cyclones due to violation of team rules.  SBN's own Clone Chronicles also previews both ISU's quarterbacks, their running backs and wide recievers, while BCS Evolution previews them at #93 in their countdown.

Tom Lemming's mouth is firmly on the teet of the Illini while Minnesota's Tim Brewster is on a very hot seat.