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2011 Northern Illinois Recruiting Needs: Offense

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June's a pretty big month in terms of recruiting with one-day camps and everything going on, so you may see commitments in the near future. If you want to take a gander at how all the classes shake out for every single position on the team, make sure you check out the NIU Football eligibility tracker.


The one thing that makes this offseason so brutal is the absence of a go-to quarterback that we can really count on. Regardless of whether Chandler Harnish or Casey Weston takes the starting job this summer, it's important to look to the future. Redshirt freshmen Jordan Lynch and A.J. Hill both weren't able to stay healthy or display any sense of consistency to sneak up on the starting position this spring.

Need: Harnish, Grady & Weston will all be seniors in 2011 and it will be important to sign and redshirt at least one or two quarterbacks during the 2011 season. I think one would be good, but Kill should pull the trigger if he is able to pull in some real talent for a second slot. Maybe take a flier on a QB that could also play TE or WR if things don't work out.

Running Back

This is a position that is extremely top-heavy for the Huskies as 5 out of the 6 scholarship RBs are upperclassmen. Chad Spann and Ricky Crider will both graduate in 2010, so the position is in serious needs of talented bodies to come in and play right away. Cameron Bell & Jasmin Hopkins will both be seniors in 2011, so that also gives players a chance to redshirt and develop behind some serious talent.

Need: A minimum of 3 strong running back recruits is essential in this upcoming class. This is where Kill needs to put the pedal to the metal and fulfill roster spots without reaching towards junior transfers. Expect the coaching staff to hang out in Florida a lot and pluck speedy backs that seem to grow on the palm trees down there.


Kyle Skarb & Connor Flahive will both be seniors in 2010 and there doesn't seem to be anybody waiting in the wings for 2011. I don't know exactly what the coaching staff will do here in terms of filling their spots.

Need: At least one scholarship player for a full-time fullback. Then take the cream of the crop in terms of walk-ons and guys trying a new position.

Tight End/H-Back

This is just a weird position in terms of its use in Kill's system. Every single year I think that we're just an athletic tight end away from having an extremely dynamic offense. As of right now, junior Jason Schepler is the only proven player at this position.

Need: 2 players that are super-athletes that could play TE, but could also play a position like OL or WR.

Wide Receiver

We're pretty set at this position at the time being, but these guys are going to grow up fast. We'll need a replacement for Landon Cox and may have to look somewhere outside the roster for a pickup.

Need: 1 player if he's truly a stud. And could also play another position if needed.

Offensive Line

Even though Kill brought four stud players in the 2010 class that will arrive this summer, there's no time to stop and smell the roses when it comes to recruiting offensive line. Four starters (LT Trevor Olson, C Scott Wedige, RG Joe Pawlak & RT Adam Kiel) will be seniors in 2011 and it's time to build the position up so those departures hurt a lot less.

Need: 2-3 guys to redshirt during the 2011 season. We've already gotten started on this class so far.