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The Daily Diesel has your road game tickets right here

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SINGLE GAME ROAD TIX ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!!  You know what that means: Huskies taking over Memorial Stadium.  Make sure you buy up the Champbana boletos by July 2nd or you'll be left in the dust.  July 30 for Minneapolis & Ames.  Bus trips available for all three!

Miami, OH-I-WHO?  NIU's APR score was through the roof this year scoring a 975, good for 10th in the nation!  The APR takes into account the 2004-09 school years, so kudos to Kill for keeping the team together without any significant departures through his first season in 2008.  Coach Novak made sure to emphasize the "student" part of student-athlete when he was recruiting players as well.  The opening of the Yordon Center in 2007 was huge in providing the resources to get our athletes set up academically.  This also is an extremely important tool especially if we're up against a team like the Redhawks in a recruiting battle.

Around the MAC/Big 10/11/12

Northwestern AD Jim Phillips hires a marketing genius to spread the word of the Wildcat... BHGP breaks down Ball State's offense and their defense... Rock M Nation provides us Illinois links and beyond the box score offensive and defensive breakdowns... every MAC coach is cool except for Doug Martin... and Stan Parrish apparently

Preseason rankings (we haven't been ranked in either of these yet)

Pre-Snap Read

No. 82: Central Michigan / Five and Five: Central Michigan

No. 83: Minnesota / Five and Five: Minnesota

College Gridiron 365

No. 78 Illinois

No. 79 Minnesota