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There's something about the Ohio Valley Conference

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Big 10 commish Jim Delany knows what's up.  Does Steinbrecher?
Big 10 commish Jim Delany knows what's up. Does Steinbrecher?

Say, anybody wonder what Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe did before he was head of the now-crumbling conference?

He was commissioner of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) from 1989-2003.

Who took over for him?

Why none other than Dr. Jon A. Steinbrecher, who led the league from 2003 to when he took over the MAC in May 2009.  Ugh.

However, to throw a wrench into all of this, current Big 10 evil genius Jim Delany was OVC commish from 1979-89 before taking his current job.

So, is Steinbrecher more like Delany or Beebe? Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go with the latter.

His first quotes on expansion to the Akron Beacon Journal:

Steinbrecher said he will be watching closely, especially the Big 12, because some of the teams left behind could help to strengthen the MAC. But on Friday evening, he wasn't sure whether to be excited or frightened about the future.

''I'm not sure how to characterize it,'' he said. ''Anytime there's such significant instability, there's unease. There's a complete lack of predictability. It's certainly not a boring time.''

Steinbrecher can't afford to be reactive like Beebe was in this whole situation.  We want to move forward as a conference and not be on the outside looking in to all these rising super-conferences.  Does he have what it takes to build this conference?  What's the next step?