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NCAA 2011's Northern Illinois roster released

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EA Sports has this new feature called TeamBuilder.  Don't know exactly what the hell it is, but it allows you to use NIU's roster as a preset for when you want to customize a team.  Since it's the offseason and I used to play this game until my hands blistered (literally), let's take a look at the top-rated guys:

RB Chad Spann - 84 OVR
SS Tracy Wilson - 83 OVR
MLB Pat Schiller - 81 OVR
LT Trevor Olson - 80 OVR
RG Joe Pawlak - 79 OVR
ROLB Jordan Delegal - 77 OVR
P Josh Wilber - 77 OVR
CB Patrick George - 76 OVR
LOLB Alex Kube - 75 OVR
K Ryan Fillingim???- 75 OVR
QB Chandler Harnish - 75 OVR


First of all Schiller was going to play on the outside in the spring before he went down with his knee injury, so you can just go ahead and insert #9 Devon Butler although he's only a 68 OVR.  For some reason, Butler's speed is 3 points higher (82) than Schiller, but his acceleration drops off from 88 to 80 for some reason.

Should 2nd year JR Jordan Delegal be rated higher than 5th year SR Alex Kube?  No.

Finally, apparently EA Sports thinks that our kicking situation is completely set, giving Fillingim a tremendous set of rankings for a walk-on that's never kicked in a game before.  Also, his number is actually #3, not #4.

That's it for now.  Because the offseason is long and boring, there will be a more detailed breakdown of the roster in the near future.  Thoughts on these rankings?  Are they fair?