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Playing Time Probability Chart

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Introducing the latest must-have diagnostic tool for all Huskie Football fans, the Playing Time Probability Chart.  It breaks down the 2010 Huskie roster according to position and likelihood of seeing meaningful playing time, i.e. getting substantial reps when a game is still in question.  Garbage time does not count.  Some notes about the chart:

  • The categories "Starter" and "Likely Meaningful Snaps" are interchangeable in some cases.  Those two columns list the guys we know will play a lot.
  • The "Possible" and "Doubtful" columns are self-explanatory.  "Possibles" need to work their way into the mix in fall camp if they expect to play this year.
  • I have Antoine Kirkland listed at WR in addition to RB because he worked in the slot some during the spring game.  I have DeMarcus Grady listed at WR in addition to QB because I wish it so.
  • No offensive linemen are listed in the "Likely" column because unlike other positions the o-line starters usually play the vast majority of the time.  
  • I have Chandler Harnish and Casey Weston listed as the top two QB's, to be determined which plays more.  If Weston can play and Harnish stays healthy I doubt Grady plays much QB this year.
  • Ricky Crider and Jasmin Hopkins are in the "Possible" column because I'm not sure four guys will see meaningful carries this year.  One of those two likely will, not sure which yet. 
  • Most true freshmen are listed as "Doubtful".  I listed CJ Compher as "Possible" because Kill said he plays H-back and we don't have any of those guys on the roster.  Alan Smith was playing FB in the spring game.  I'm guessing walkon Ricky Connors plays fullback because of his size but he could end up at linebacker or somewhere else.
  • Most linebackers are listed in the "Possible" column because once you get past the first four guys (five including Pat Schiller who's coming back from injury) we don't know how they stack up.  That will be determined in fall camp.  Schiller is listed as "Possible" due to his injury.
  • Safety Mike Sobol is listed as "Possible" due to his injury.
  • I have Mathew Sims listed as the starting kicker because of comments we've heard from the coaches and because the other guys looked really underwhelming when practicing kickoffs before the spring game.

Playing Time Probability Chart