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The Daily Diesel is busy watching the World Cup

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Who has worse refs: The World Cup or Mid-American Conference basketball?  LET'S GO USA!!!

The futility of NIU basketball rages on.  Patton managed to sign some Norwegian chick named Aksel Rose Bolin.  What's that?  Oh, I see.  Anyways, he's a 6'7" 200 lb shooting guard that should be able to help improve our 244th ranked offense of last year.  I like the fact that he'll get 4 years to play here, rather than the two that Ante got.

Patton also got his first 2011 commitment from 5'9" PG Zach Miller of Glenbard East.  He was the Dupage Valley Conference MVP last year and led GBE Rams to a school-record 27 wins.  He's a coaches son and seems like he'll be a polar opposite of Mickey D's intelligence on the basketball court.  Also, he'll give us all a reason to drink Miller Lite heavily in a year and a half.  All pluses.  Check out his youtube highlights:

Huskie Baseball players Matt Jernstad gets picked up by the New York Yankees and Chuck Lukanen departs for the Rockford Riverhawks.  They both join Andy Deain in the pros, who signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles.  It just goes to show you that Ed Mathey can develop the hell out of pitching talent, but still needs to work on position players.

Eric Luzzi will be head soccer coach until 2014... Huskie basketball fan favorite T.J. Lux will become a hall-of-famer this fall... and the Huskie football team has +10000 odds to win the BCS title.  That means you can put $10 down and win $1,000 when this actually happens.

Around the MAC/Big 10/12

The MAC launches both football and basketball blogs.  Isn't that cute.  My first blog was on google blogger too!

Keeping the Humanitarian Bowl in the WAC is becoming really awkward... Holly assesses Ball State and Akron... MAC fantasy picks...Bull Run counts down the MAC with Ball State at #10... $30 will get you season tickets for Kent State games?!... Buffalo will bring in Glenbard West QB Tyler Warden as a preferred walk-on... and finally Al Golden is a fucking magician at Temple.

Here's a biggie: Projected Illinois starting defensive tackle Josh Brent will forego his senior year and enter the NFL supplemental draft.

Preseason Rankings

Pre-Snap Read

No. 72: Toledo

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No. 71 Central Michigan

No. 75 Kent State


87. Western Michigan

88. Akron

94. Central Michigan

96. Kent State

98. Toledo

108. Ball State

111. Miami

115. Buffalo

117. Eastern Michigan