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Jake Coffman welcome back / celebration thread!

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Photo courtesy of Mike Greene
Photo courtesy of Mike Greene

What news to wake up to on a Thursday morning!

Yes, yes it's true Corporal Coffman will be returning for his 4th year of eligibility:

"It's just like a big-time Christmas present," said Huskies defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys, and not just because of his big-time production. "We're just excited about having him back. Leadership-wise and everything, he just makes you a better team when he walks in the room -- let alone (improve) the depth on defense."

The government jobs are always going to be there, but football won't:

"He says 'Coach, will you allow me to play?' " Kill said. "I said 'Certainly I'll allow you to play. You step foot in the door it makes us better.' "

Let's review the accolades.  Last year Coffman was named 2nd Team All-MAC by the Coaches and 1st Team by Phil Steele.  Not to mention he was named Team MVP of the defense as voted on by the players and won the Jawan Jackson awarded to the best former walk-on.  He led the Huskies with 13.5 tackles and 8.5 sacks last year.

The rich defensive line just gets richer with this late addition that won't be in any of your college football preview magazines.  In light of Brian Lawson going down with a hand injury in the Toledo game, Coffman moved to the surprisingly shallow inside of the defensive line for the final 6 games of the season.  Coffman will split time with Sean Progar this season at end and will thrive on being able to play his natural position the entire season.

Welcome back Jake, you're just what we need right now.  Commence career highlight video (which will require a part II after this season)