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The Daily Diesel is looking for that Big 12 invite...oh wait

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Is College Football Armageddon upon us?

"Nebraska has until 5 p.m. on Friday to tell us what they’re going to do," one school official said, adding that he has heard it is a possibility they could extend that deadline to June 15. "The same deal for Missouri. They have to tell us they’re not going to the Big Ten or …" Or at least six Big 12 schools, including Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech, will be inclined to accept an invitation to join the Pac-10 Conference. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado are the other three schools that could bolt what would be a dissolving Big 12.

What does this mean for Northern Illinois?  I have absolutely no idea.  And I don't think anybody else does until something actually happens.  It remains to be seen that anything actually will go down.  Things could get crazy.  If Nebraska and Missouri take off for the Big 10, where does that leave teams like Iowa State & Kansas?

Now even Boise State's invitation to the Mountain West is being put on hold due to the fact they may want to scarf down some Big XII leftovers instead.

Garrett Wolfe hooks Eisenhower up with some brand new football equipment straight from his own pocket.  The coach of Ike?  None other than former standout defensive end for the Huskies Travis Moore.  Current San Diego Charger Larry English also held a youth football clinic at Marmion Academy.

Offensive savior Tommy Coughlin goes all sunshine on us and decides to transfer to Pasadena Community College of all places... Rise and shine for NIU's game against the Illini on September 18th, where we will go up against a starting quarterback named Nathan Scheelhaase... and finally NIU finishes up near the rear in the MAC All-Sports trophies.

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