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NIU-Tube Weekend: Crazy Headware Edition

Today I'm starting the trend of NI-U Tube weekends, which includes a video or a group of videos that you may or may not have seen relating to the history of Northern Illinois athletics.

This week, Michael Turner's Heisman campaign:

A ranked, Urban Meyer-led Bowling Green coming to Huskie Stadium was the biggest game in 20 years?  Crazy to think of that now.  The Huskies knocked the #20 ranked Falcons from off their perch 26-17 on Nov. 9th, 2002.

At this point in time, NIU needed all the publicity it could get and Michael Turner's campaign was one of the many different things that helped the Huskies achieve national recognition.  Remember "The Burner" hot sauce?  Similar to what Temple is doing this year for Temple's Bernard Pierce.  Interestingly enough, Turner wasn't even the starting running back at the beginning of the season, Thomas Hammock was until he fell victim to a career-ending heart ailment.