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Where I Come From: Tailgating Traditions

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This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011

Tailgating has always been one of my favorite extra-curricular activities during college.  I liked the early games, because that gave me a good reason to start early with drinking beverages as well.  Especially during homecoming when pretty much every place is going to be open bright and early for keg and eggs.

Playing bags is a really good way to keep yourself busy and have a lot of fun.  I'm not terribly good, but it doesn't matter because you're just having a good time with your friends in the spirit of competition.  Washers is a fun game as well.  As is beer bonging.

The one thing you do have to do is visit the Huskie Mobile/Bus/Whatever.  It's pretty easy to notice the decked out Mobile at home games, because there is a deck on top of the thing and people are standing there partying.  It's pretty much an essential thing to do during a tailgate is to stand on top of the famous Huskie Bus.

Oh and make sure that your pre and post game eatery is Fatty's.  Nothing else in Dekalb comes close.

It's just weird for me, because I have yet to tailgate as an alumni and during my undergrad years I was part of a fraternity.  I would ALWAYS stay and watch not just the first half, but the ENTIRE game.  Sometimes I was the last man standing in terms of all my friends leaving, but I didn't care.  Energy drinks or quick halftime naps help.

What are some of your tailgating traditions?