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Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite NIU Players

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Picking my favorite players is like picking my favorite kids if I had here they are in no particular order:

QB Josh Haldi.  What's not there to like about Haldi?  He was never a flashy quarterback, but managed the games well leading to some of the most successful seasons in NIU history.  The Huskies have yet to replace his football skills and smarts on the field.  Also became a certified CPA, which first inspired me to become an accounting major (before I switched that 2 more times).

RB Michael Turner.  He was like a bowling ball out there, but he also had that extra speed to get it into the end zone.  I was worried what was going to happen when Thomas Hammock went down in 2002, but Turner "The Burner" was nothing short of spectacular leading the running game the next couple years.  He was NIU's first legitimate Heisman contender for the first time since LeShon Johnson in the mid-nineties.  Remember the hot sauce?

RB Garrett Wolfe.  This little son of a gun was one of the toughest players ever to play for NIU.  He never let down.  Even though entire defenses were focused on him from 2004-06, he still found a way to cause damage and get in the endzone.

WRs P.J. Fleck & Dan Sheldon.  These guys were pure underdogs with limited athletic ability that always made the clutch catch or return when needed to turn this program around.

LBs Brian "The Beast" Atkinson & Nick Duffy- The defensive centerpieces in both 2003 and 2004 was just an animal.  In 2003 Beast even led the team with 6 sacks.  I have always been a fan of whatever MLB that the Huskies have had.

LB Alex Kube - He became my favorite player his first couple of years, but kind of trailed off.  Here's to him rekindling the destructive spirits in 2010.

Who are your favorite Huskies of all-time?