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What's the deal with Adam Kiel?

New, 1 comment continued their positional previews yesterday by trotting out their offensive line piece.  It's your typical fluff piece, but some of the quotes by OC Matt Limegrover struck me as a little odd.  The first quote is actually printed twice in the same article, in the 2nd and 5th paragraphs.

"I am very pleased with the progress of the offensive line to this point," Limegrover said. "We have several veterans who are playing well in Trevor Olson and Joe Pawlak. Center Scott Wedige has stepped up and is playing like a veteran as well."

"Trevor Olson and Joe Pawlak have been doing great," he said. "The other guys have stepped in and we're holding our own and coming together. The unit's doing real well. We started out slow, but we're really progressing."

Okay, so he's mentioned the guys that started all of last year in LT Trevor Olson and RG Joe PawlakScott Wedige should be fine at center, but he didn't even start last year.  The non-mention of Kiel sticks out like a sore thumb.

Kiel started every game last season right away at RT his redshirt sophomore year, but in game 11 of the season he suffered a BAD foot injury that required surgery and forced him to miss the International Bowl.  In went the completely untested Panan Tense to that position the last three games, which all turned out to be losses.

The ambiguity of the injury is humorous to me.  Foot injury.  It seems so simple, which is obviously not the case.  He missed the beginning of spring, but got a decent amount of practice time in.  I don't really know how much time he's seen in this fall camp so far.

In NIU1981's report of the fan day, Kiel was not dressed.  Keith Otis started at RT and true freshman Tyler Loos backed him up.  Otis saw the majority of the time in the spring filling in for Kiel and is a rock at 6'4" 324 lbs.  Logan Pegram was at LG.  I'm hoping the measures were just precautionary, but I hope its nothing more than that.

Do we need Adam Kiel healthy for a successful season?
Is the coaching staff more concerned with the offensive line than what they're showing?
How much will the offensive line improve facing our stellar defensive line in practice every day?