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Here is my preseason blogpoll ballot

Look familiar?

It's the exact same thing as Phil Steele's preseason power poll.  He knows a lot more about these teams than I do and his predicting power is uncanny.  I agree wholeheartedly with his bold choice of Oklahoma at the #1 spot.  They were thrown the the fire last season, but still managed to achieve a 8-5 record.  They were one of the unluckiest teams in the nation last season and should be able to turn it around with a much more seasoned group of players on offense especially.  OSU is loaded with talent.  Bama will be a step down from last year on defense, but still could be a contender.  Mid-majors will continue to have a label attached to them, Texas and Florida have new QBs and is Nebraska ready for that breakthrough season?

I would have switched things around it if I saw a team like Illinois in the top-25 somewhere, but they aren't.  I truly believe that the top 8 teams in the poll are all national championship contenders.  After Texas, that is where things get dicey.  There are way too many unreliable teams that could completely fizzle out as soon as the season starts.

I'll wait until I see some games to make judgment calls, but for now Steele is my word.