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Northern Illinois to play Ohio State in 2015

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The 2010 Football Interactive Guide revealed that the Huskies would play the Ohio State Buckeyes (again) five seasons from now.  Sidenote: The interactive guide is nice, but where is my real media guide?  I want to look at stats and records all day.

HuskieWire went ahead and confirmed the date against the Buckeyes would be Sep 12, 2015.  The payout will also be 900,000 for playing in The Horseshoe.

If you looked at the future schedules page, we already knew that the Huskies were going to play Wake Forest in 2014.  But now the date has been set for Sep 14th.  We play the Demon Deacons in 2001, 2002 and 2015.  The years in that agreement were really close together.  That was 2 ADs ago.

As you may remember NIU played Ohio State in 2006 to open the season and this happened:

Oh and we lost that game 12-35.