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Kill names anywhere from 7-12 captains

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Here is your leadership council per HuskieWire and Northern Star:


RB Ricky Crider, WR Landon Cox, TE Jason Schepler & LT Trevor Olson


LB Alex Kube, DE Jake Coffman, SS Tracy Wilson

But wait, there's more:

The five NIU quarterbacks - juniors DeMarcus Grady, Chandler Harnish and Casey Weston and redshirt freshmen Jordan Lynch and A.J. Hill - also were named to the Leadership Council because "every quarterback needs to be a leader," Kill said.

I'd hate to be one of the QBs getting the "token" captaincy, but hey why not.  Somebody needs to put those guys through the ringer and who knows, they may come out the other side as diamond.  I'm really digging the fact he's putting these signal callers under as much pressure as possible.  So for now, let's just enjoy the fact we have so many "leaders" on the team.  Only 4 seniors though, which is a little unusual.

Leadership seems like something that needs to be firmly established this year.  Who has truly been a leader on this team in Kill's first 2 years here?