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The Iowa State "trade" or how David Sims really likes shoes

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Things just got really interesting for the season opener against the Iowa State Cyclones.

The boys in Ames were already hurting on the defensive side of the ball returning only two starters on their front seven.  Their secondary was supposed to be their strength with three starters coming back this season, but now that a fleeting hope.  Coming out of JUCO, David Sims was Big 12 Newcomer of the Year last year totaling 88 tackles and 5 interceptions.

David Sims will officially miss the opener against the Huskies due to using a credit card that wasn't his.  On more than $400 worth of shoes from Foot Locker, among other things.  Due to the fact that he paid this lady back I guess there weren't too serious of charges being filed.  He'll receive deferred judgement and it will be off his record if he stays clean for his 18 months of probation.  Really?  Come on now.  Sims was a TEAM CAPTAIN before this.

In the unlikely scenario that Iowa State will stop our running game, there will be much lesser of an obstacle shall we choose to throw the ball through the air using [INSERT QUARTERBACK]

In less impacful news,

We've received confirmation that RB Cameron Bell WILL NOT play against his former team due to some sort of transfer agreement set in place.

My initial reaction was "OMG that sucks", but really it's no big deal.  All though Bell would have been extremely useful as a 2nd half battering ram against the Cyclones we can really do without.  In the redzone, do you really need anybody other than Chad Spann who had 19 touchdowns on the ground last year?

As for speed backs, it's a pick and choose between Jasmin Hopkins and Ricky Crider to break the big run and provide a threat in the passing game.

We'll be able to break in Bell against North Dakota then send him loose against the Fighting Illini.  Now won't that be fun?

Come on Iowa State!  If you're really hung up on just one player not playing this game?  There goes a fun storyline.