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Twitter gets the Kill switch in Dekalb

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You've heard of twitter by now.  I'm on it, you should be on it.  It's my favorite time waster and/or knowledge gainer.  But sometimes, twitter and Northern Illinois football doesn't mix.

It all started with Coach Kill at Chicago media day (available on all-access):

Chad Spann's done the right things...except he does that tweeter thing I don't like.

If any of you are reading his tweeter, he won't be having it much longer so you better get it now.  I don't believe in all that stuff.

So apparently, Chad Spann has promised not to tweet or even be on twitter for the rest of training camp, which could be a to be a tough thing for him to do.

This is all in good fun, but then on twitter, HuskieWire announced that there would be no live-tweeting for any of the fall practices like there was last year if I remember correctly.  The rules stay the same for any media type or fan attending practices.

Why does this have to happen?

Well colleges all across the country are extremely weary of this age in where information can be reported so instantly.

Did Twitter really kill open practices?

Brady Ackerman, one of my broadcast partners on "Talkin’ Football" on CSS, told the story of why Mack Brown at Texas had to close practice: A Texas player gets hurt at practice. The normal protocol for reporters on something like that is to wait until the end of practice and then consult with the coaches and training staff for an assessment of the injury. But with Twitter and Facebook and instant communications there seem to be no rules. The information was on the internet before practice was over and Brown had had a chance to contact the parents of the player. That shouldn’t happen and so practice was closed.

Urban Meyer didn't like "Internet People" or "Scumbags" attending his practices, so he decided to close them up.  Boise State coach Chris Peterson even banned all of his players from twitter for the entire season.

I like what NIU is doing with the whole situation.  Nobody wants injury information coming out unwarranted.  Do you really want to hurt your team like that?

I'm fine with no live tweets.  The only problem I have is that we're already a few practices in and we know nothing.  Who's looking good out there?  Anybody?  Or are we practicing inside of Fort Knox this fall?

24 days to go...