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NIU survives North Dakota 23-17

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This game will make a lot of people angry, because the score is a lot closer than the game actually was.

The Northern Illinois Huskies outgained the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux 510 to 334 yds.  The Huskies gave up only 67 yds on the ground.  85 of those passing yds were from one play for a touchdown by the Sioux.

This game would have been a blowout...

  • If Matthew Sims didn't miss a PAT and get his 2nd field goal try blocked.
  • If Josh Wilber didn't get a punt blocked.
  • if we didn't start our 3rd drive from our own goalline.
  • If we didn't turn it over on downs in the redzone after recovering the fumble.
  • If Chandler Harnish didn't throw a pick-6 as the Huskies were about to score at the end of the 1st half.
  • If Chandler Harnish didn't rush the ball 21 times.
  • If Chandler Harnish got some playing time in the first game.
  • If our secondary cared at all about defending the pass.
  • If Cameron Bell played.

Whatever.  We mailed it in after the first half.  It was a lot like the game against Miami last year where we got up fast early on then sort of let the other team get back in the game.

It's better that we have a crappy game with things to improve on rather than a blowout with everybody on their high horse.  Are we saving our good plays for next week?

A win is a win.  Future opponents Minnesota, Akron and Ball State all lost to FCS teams and we didn't.

Now bring on the Illini.