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Diversity is exactly what Northern Illinois needs this weekend

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This team is at a crossroads.  Our noble leader is finally out of the hospital, but will he coach tomorrow?.  It's less than 24 hours until the team starts warming up for the game and we don't know if he is going to be on the sideline.  This sort of thing can render a team unfocused, not prepared, but it can also bring a team closer together.

How will the team react when they go on the field to face the Illini?  The same way they would if the coach was on the sidelines.  Illinois is arguably the most important game of the season for these Huskies, as most of them were picked over in terms of not being recruited by the bigger public school down south.  This is their chance to prove their worth on the football field.

Our fans have waited years to face off against Illinois after nearly beating them in 2001.  In reality, the Illini have nothing to gain and everything to lose in this game.  I really can't believe that we managed to get it put on the schedule for this year.  It's year three of the Kill era and things are supposed to be moving like clockwork, but they aren't.

It's a time for the leaders on this team to step it up and lead this team to victory.  Not just the members of the leadership council, but everybody else on this team.  It's time to grow up.  Now that we finally have the right quarterback manning the ship, I believe we will be OK on offense as long as Harnish's leg doesn't fall off at some point during the game.

This game isn't going to rely on just one person, it has to be a collective effort by everyone on the team to rally together and around the embattled coach to bring a victory back to Dekalb.  We've come close to beating BCS teams so many times the past couple years.  Last year we did do it in West Lafayette.

This team just needs to quit playing dumb and just focus on the task at hand, which is winning against the big program.  The program that gets all the press and has all the bandwagon fans.  I don't care if you're a freshman or a new starter or whatever, this is your time to shine.  This is not the first game of the season.  This is not a time to be conservative.  It's time to throw it all on the line and beat Illinois like we are supposed to.