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NIU Huskies fumble away game to Fighting Illini, lose 22-28

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The Huskies had everything going for them in this one.  The difference?  Not converting a 4th and 2 inside Illinois territory in the 2nd and Chandler Harnish's fumble at the Illini 30 at the beginning of the 4th quarter.  Illinois didn't turnover the ball over at all in this game.

We miss two extra points early on and then hit a 48 yarder too little too late?  The logic defies me. 

To beat the big boys, you have to play mistake-free football, but the Huskies didn't today.  The Huskies have been through a lot in just three games, and should now be able to start playing to their potential.  It should be fun adding fire to Brewster's hotseat next week against Minnesota.

What are your thoughts on this tough loss for the Huskies?