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Well that sucked...NIU 10, Iowa State 27

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The first half of this game was absolutely horrendous.  It was like a hangover from the Independence Bowl.  The offense couldn't convert a 3rd down to save its life.  3 for 13 the entire game is an embarrassment.  With DeMarcus Grady starting at QB, they didn't even try to throw the ball over 5 yds down the field.

The defense all night was sub-par.  Iowa State clearly won the battle over our offensive line.  They were pretty much able to move at will all night long.

In the 2nd half, the offense opened up, but Grady and the offense was still off.  Some of the offensive playcalling was just stupid.  Give Chad Spann the ball in the redzone.  Good thing Cameron Bell will be eligible next week. 

Michael Cklamovski terrible at kicking field goals.  Just awful.  Just keep him on kickoffs.

DeMarcus Grady's goofy low passing motion led to two throws tipped and picked off by Iowa State.  That needs to change.  Keeping Grady in the game was an interesting choice.  His confidence at QB may improve, but why do that when there are clearly better options behind center?

The worst part of this game was the fact that we were so close so many times, but failed to execute when we had the chance.  Kudos to the defense for forcing 2 INTs and keeping the Huskies in this one.

This was just a stupid, stupid game that NIU was fully capable of winning.  Hopefully, Iowa State will be the toughest BCS team that the Huskies have to face all season long.  These next two weeks will be dedicated to sealing all of the creases for when we play the Illini.

This game didn't matter all that much, but it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth as how we could have EASILY won it.

Will Grady improve?  Is Harnish even an option?  Lynch?

That's all for now.  More analysis later.

What other thoughts do you have on this game?