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Random thoughts on the Illinois game

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Chandler Harnish is a man.  11 rushes for 117 yds and a TD on the ground.  19 of 25 for 208 yds through the air.  Just unbelievable stats.

The offensive line really needs to improve.  Any of our basic run game was stuffed.  Chad Spann rushed the ball only 13 times for 19 yds (1.2 ypc).  Credit to Illinois' strong and athletic front seven.  Harnish was rushed on most of his passes and sacked twice.

The wide receivers really stepped it up.  Landon Cox had 6 catches for 74 yds and a TD after barely being on the statsheet the first couple games.  Martel Moore and  TE Jack Marks also had 5 catches apiece.

Overall, there was nothing silly or conservative on offense this week.  We really opened it up, but couldn't get our run game going at all.  Once that starts happening, opposing defenses should really watch out.


The defense did what it needed for this team to win the game.  Sure, there were some missed tackles here and there (looking at you, Alex Kube) but overall I was fairly impressed.  Mikel Leshoure is really a beast at RB and it was hard to stop him

Devon Butler is improving as evidenced by his 10 tackles.  Tommy Davis got 10 tackles by default and was on the tail-end of a trucking by an Illini RB.  Progar's 8 tackles, 1.5 TFL and .5 sack is really impressive for a DE.

Rashaan Melvin stepped up and made 7 solo tackles in the secondary.  Everybody else on the defense needs to watch how he played against guys twice his size.

The pass interference called on Kiaree Daniels was with an uncatchable ball, but it was still a dumb play by Kiaree.  We just aren't going to get those calls in a Big 10 stadium.  Same with the Hail Mary in the 1st half.  Overally solid play by the secondary allowing only 70 yds passing.

Oh yeah, and when is this defense going to cause some more turnovers?  Scheelhaase was flying through the air and I'm sure that ball was going to come out at some point.  Not our QB.

Special Teams

Josh Wilber was special averaging 49 yds per punt and won ST POTW honors.  Nice job to Cklamovski kicking that 43-yarder at the end, so why not put him on extra points?  I'm so confused about our kickers.

Coverage teams are kicking ass this year.


Overall, a solid job especially on offense.  The only weird thing in this game was the opening shot going for 2-pts that failed.  The team is improving each week and I'm interested to see what they can do in a mistake-free game.

I haven't had a chance to re-watch the game yet.  Am I missing anything?