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MAC Roundtable: Week 2

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Missed week one.  Whoops!  Busy today, so feel free to answer these on your own as well as any other comment about NIU quarterbacks.  This week the Q's are brought to you by Kyle Warber of Fire Up Chips, whose video preview of the game tonight vs. Temple is something that you have to watch.

1). The MAC has looked weak so far against out-of-conference opponents. Is this shaping up to be a down year for the MAC?

I don't think so.  The best teams still haven't lost games (Temple, Ohio, Kent).  Once NIU gets their head on straight offensively, they will be a force as well.  Bowling Green did better than I thought they would do against Troy.  Temple really impressed me against the top FCS team in Villanova, which is all the more impressive considering all the upsets this past weekend (NDSU over Kansas, Jax State over Ole Miss.)

2). Why don't our fans come to games? Whether it is Buffalo in a large city or Bowling Green off the side of a highway, our stadiums are generally...uninspired. Even after Central Michigan's GREATEST WIN OF ALL TIME against tormenting in-state rival MSU, Central Michigan's stadium was half full the next week against Alcorn State. Can anything be done to at least get on par with a Tulsa or ECU?

Football is just that much more important in the south.  Up here we have alternatives like Ohio State, Michigan and the like.  Fans are pretty wishy washy.  All it takes is a few wins over BCS opponents to win them back.  Another thing is bringing big-name opponents to your home field.  Nobody wants to see Alcorn State or North Dakota play at home.

3). People act like a win for Boise State is a win for the "little guy." Is Boise State really carrying water for the non-aq's anymore? It seems to me they are essentially a BCS program at this point in time.

I don't see it that way.  It was ridiculous watching the broadcast and they kept calling the #3 team in the nation a cinderella story.  They're so past that.  They'll thankfully be moving on to the MWC next year and Utah will be in the Pac-10.  Anybody else want to try and meet the success of these programs?  It's getting kind of old.

4. The game of the week has to be Temple versus Central Michigan on Thursday night (ESPNU). Who ya' got in that match-up?

Temple.  Both defenses are solid, so it will come down to who has the better offense.  Temple has Bernard Pierce and Matt Brown so I pick them.  CMU will definitely keep it close though.

5. Which MAC QB is going to take the crown as "best of the conference" when the dust settles at the end of the season?

Probably BGSU's Matt Schilz, because Clawson's offense will allow him to put up ridiculous numbers.  Also, NIU's Chandler Harnish once he starts playing again this weekend.  Every other part of the offense is there apart from the quarterback.

6. Rank them FIRST to WORST.

1. Temple

2. Ohio

3. Kent St

4. NIU

5. CMU


7. WMU

8. Buffalo

9. Miami OH

10. Toledo

11. Ball State

12. Akron

13. EMU