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Kicking woes solved? Sandburg's Taylor Zalewski commits to NIU

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[Image: 865647.jpg]

#10 K Taylor Zalewski
Orland Park, IL (Sandberg)
6'2" 190 lbs

Rivals Profile: NR
Scout Profile: NR
ESPN Profile: 3-stars, #15 K, 77

Kohl's Kickers National Rankings: #5 K

Commit Status for Taylor Zalewski


One of the low points of the season last year was the the inconsistency of Michael Cklamovski and the failure of anybody else on the team to step up and kick field goals accurately.  While Cklamovski was brilliant at kickoffs, he would miss extra points on a regular basis to the chagrin of fans, a far cry of the success kickers have had at this school in recent years (Azar, Nendick, Salerno).

What makes this guy special?  Don't listen to me, listen to what sites like ESPN and Kohl's kicking camps have to say:

ESPN: Taylor has a BCS leg on Field Goals and Kick offs. He is one of the best Kickers in the country. He can easily go 70 yards on KO's which have over four seconds of hang-time. He has shown tremendous improvement in his consistency off of the ground.

Kohls: Taylor has become a complete kicker. Has improved greatly off the ground, steps are repeatable, big-time leg, averaged 4 seconds on his KO hang times, truly one of the best kickers in the nation, punting is improving but not at same level as his FG and KO, BCS level kicker

When the biggest negative is the fact that he's not good a punting, you're scratching the bottom of the barrel.  Freshman Matthew Sims was supposed to be a stud last year, but who knows what will happen to that scholarship kicker that couldn't beat out Ckalmovski.  Two kickers on scholarship is a little ridiculous if you ask me.

This is one of the "Big 3" positions that Doeren needed to address this offseason  Now we just need to find a punter...