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RABA's Week 7 Blogpoll

Bama continues to roll with a 34-0 win over the Vanderbilt Nerdadores. A lot of people think that LSU should be #1, but I'm gonna stick with ROLL TIDE until these teams face each other. Oklahoma made Texas cry and as did Boise State vs. Fresno, our old friends. Wisconsin is resting up from beating up on Nebraska real bad, who in turn beat the Buckeyes 34-27. Oh, how I am sad not to have the Buckeyes on here (heavy sarcasm).


Stanford will be in the clear till they face Oregon in mid-November. Watch Clemson blow their undefeated streak @ Maryland this weekend. Big matchup for Oregon vs. Arizona State next week.

PIG SOOHIE put Auburn back in their place, WVU joins the list of teams that have only lost to Oregon, A&M got some redemption @ Texas Tech.

You know the Big 10 stinks this year when Michigan and Illinois are hanging around the rankings.

Georgia Tech has played nobody, while Auburn has played everybody including a win over South Carolina. Virginia Tech barely beat Miami and HOW BACKLOADED IS KANSAS STATE'S SCHEDULE?!

As always, there are some pretenders towards the bottom. Who knows what's up with those guys.