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RABA's Week 8 Blogpoll

Steady at the top. I switched Oregon ahead of Clemson because the Tigers defense was bad against Maryland, while the Ducks beat one of their top Pac-12 contender in Arizona St.

WVU, Arkansas, Nebraska & Houston were on bye weeks. The A&M Aggies had a nice win over Baylor and Auburn with a solid victory over Florida. South Carolina won on the road vs. Miss St as did Virginia Tech over Wake.

Kansas State continues to roll, while Michigan State beat Michigan at home and ASU lost in Eugene. I didn't move Baylor because they were supposed to lose to A&M. Penn State and Washington were two teams that have only one loss on the season.

Overall this ballot had the least amount of movement and a lot of the teams were on bye weeks. Let's hope this upcoming week is a lot more exciting for college football.

Poll after the jump (comments encouraged.)