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Former NIU Huskie Scott Bolzan loses memory, writes book about it

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On December 17, 2008, Bolzan slipped in a restroom at work and hit the back of his head. He subsequently lost all of his previous memories before then. 25 years before that, Bolzan had been an offensive lineman for Northern Illinois when they won the California Bowl on that same date, December 17th.

He was one of the many players on that squad that went on to play in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns and the USFL Memphis Showboats. His new book, 'My Life Deleted, A Memoir" was released on October 5th and managed to reach #16 on the NY Times bestsellers list the first week.

The Bolzans are making the media rounds this month and I definitely will check out the book when I get around to it.

What's interesting is the sidebar noting that the NY Post did an article defaming him for faking the memory loss just to sell books, pointing to him declaring bankruptcy in 2002 and facing a multitude of lawsuits towards his company. The NY Post isn't the most reputable newspaper in the world so I'm not buying it.

The 304 page memoir, My Life, Deleted written by Scott and his wife Joan can be found here on Amazon.