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NIU in 2011: Extremely inconsistent, but improving

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Have the Huskies been consistent this season in any way? No, they have not at all, according to Varsity Numbers this week, NIU has been anything but:

NIU has the 7th highest standard deviation in all of college football. That means there's only a handful of teams that are less consistent than the Huskies have been this season.

While the offense has been fairly consistent on the season ranking only 80th in SD, the defense is a completely other a ranking of 13th in the nation.

However, NIU has been improving, not getting worse throughout the season and their potential is still great:

No. 72 Northern Illinois has shown some high upside and low downside

If you look at the DIFF, which takes in every recent game as 10% more important than the last, the Huskies rank 22nd, showing that the Huskies are on their way to the up-and-up at this point.

Toledo's SD ranks 27th in the nation, which is pretty still inconsistent, but their offense and defense are just about average overall. Looking at their DIFF, they have been improving just like the Huskies, but even a little better at 15th in the nation.

Basically, anything can happen on Tuesday. Anything, given the variability of both teams. Could be a classic game if both teams play up to their abilities. If not, this could be a blowout on either side.