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NIU Linebacker Jamaal Bass suspended for incident with Toledo's band

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You can clearly see Jamaal Bass (#6) purposely running into a band member before the game against the Toledo Rockets yesterday. Unfortunately, due to this being caught on camera (and maybe this gif), Bass is not going to be able to play against Bowling Green, having been suspended by Coach Doeren:

"After reviewing the tape of last night's pregame encounter between our team and the University of Toledo's marching band, and discussing the situation with [NIU Director of Athletics] Jeff Compher, we have decided to suspend Jamaal for our next game," said NIU Head Coach Dave Doeren. "His actions were not representative of the Huskie football program. I met with Jamaal early this morning and he understands that and is extremely remorseful.

This puts the Huskies in a serious bind as they've been shallow at the linebacker position all season long up to this point. The only other linebacker that has been playing a significant amount of time is Michael Santacaterina and I expect him to get the start next Tuesday.

Jamaal Bass has started every game this season as a redshirt freshman and this could hurt considering how dynamic Bowling Green's offense can possibly be. We need all the bodies we can out there in the Huskies third straight road game. Bass is 6th on the team with 51 tackles and 5th on the team with 4.5 TFL.

This was a foolish action by Bass, but I probably would have done the same thing if they decided to run by the same time I was running onto the field. And you probably would as well.