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NIU 45, Bowling Green 14: Smooth Sailing

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This was a no-frills win for the Huskies, their third straight win on the road. Northern Illinois dominated on both sides of the ball in what I thought would be a much closer game. The Huskies have their next two games at home and can smell that trip to the MAC Championship game coming oh so soon.

The Huskies elected to put their defense on the field first against Bowling Green, but it wouldn't last long until teh offense was back on the field after an 83 yard pass play from Matt Schilz to Kamar Jordan on the first play of the game. One misstep by Jhony Faustin led Jordan to be wide open.

The Huskies would answer right away with a two play drive that concluded with a 56 yarder from Chandler Harnish to Willie Clark. NIU made their way down into the redzone in BG territory, it took a while to punch the ball in. On 4th down, Harnish went for a sneak, but a player hit him helmet-to-helmet and eventually Jasmin Hopkins put it in from one yard out.

NIU could only manage a 23-yard FG after a strange pass interference call, but the defense continued to impress stopping Bowling Green on 4th down on the next drive. After NIU punted in BG's territory on the next drive, the Falcons couldn't do anything either, but their punter Brian Schmiedebusch belted a god-like punt of 73 YARDS!!!

After the Falcons faltered again, NIU drove 70 yds on the heels of a 37 yd scamper by Chandler Harnish so Akeem Daniels could put it in to put the Huskies up 24-7. With only 1:20 left in the half, the BG offense finally came alive and pulled with in 10 points.

In the second half, it seems like both defenses started to get it together and NIU ran into holding penalty hell. Both offenses went back and forth until Harnish threw a huge streak to Akeem Daniels for 79 yds on a one-play drive to put the Huskies up 31-14.

After that the Huskies grinded the Falcons to end this one. Harnish scored on an easy rushing TD and Jordan Lynch threw one of his own.

Huskie fans, what is your take?