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Looks like NIU celebrated winning the MAC TOO HARD

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December to forget won't end for the Northern Illinois Huskies. First all this Sam Hurd nonsense and now this? What is going on in Dekalb? Winning the MAC is supposed to have

From 2:12 AM to 3:15 AM on Sunday morning, December 4th, two NIU football players were arrested for driving while intoxicated.

The first of which, is Wide Receivers Anthony Johnson, who suffered a less severe punishment by not being 21 yet (his birthday is July, 1991). He was arrested and released after posing $150 bond. The redshirt sophomore is 7th on the team with 13 receptions for 174 yds playing in 10 games this season. The details are fuzzy, but I believe this is part of the zero tolerance penalty and he wasn't over the legal limit.

At 3:15 AM, defensive end Sean Progar was pulled over for a DUI per HuskieWire:

According to court documents, an NIU Police officer saw Progar committing improper lane use about 3:15 a.m. Dec. 4 while in the 800 block of North Annie Glidden Road in DeKalb. Once stopped, the officer noticed Progar's eyes were bloodshot and glassy and his breath smelled of alcohol. He also failed field sobriety tests, according to court documents.

They got him for "improper lane usage" and it also didn't help he had an expired license.

He will have his license suspended one year because it sounds like he refused the breathalyzer. there aren't too many other details. Progar was 2nd team All-MAC for the Huskies tallying 52 tackles, 11 TFL and 5.5 sacks. It's a pretty big loss for the Huskies, as Progar is considered one of the best players on the defensive side of the ball. The dropoff shouldn't be too steep for the next player going in, but it's just another horse we won't have in the running vs. Arkansas State in the bowl game?

Geez, I get that you are excited about winning a championship and want to party, but find somebody else to drive you around, football players. Or call the late-night ride, even though that could take hours (at least it did when I used it)

Will this hangover continue until the bowl game?

Are these isolated incidents or will legal problems continue happening for NIU?

How will the loss of Progar affect the Huskies vs. Arkansas State?

Why don't football players have 'drivers'?

What's your favorite Christmas song?

Is this all Greg Barksdale's fault for transferring?