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NIU Huskies are MAC Champs: Media Coverage pt. II

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I woke up this morning and the Northern Illinois Huskies were still MAC Champions. Man, that feels good. We'll find out where we're going for the bowl on Sunday, so sit tight and check out these links:

Huskie Wire | VIEWS: Improbably, NIU's defense leads the way

Huskie Wire | Kicker Sims makes up for missed PAT


NIU football: Northern Illinois wins MAC championship 23-20 -

MAC daddies: Northern Illinois rallies to win title game - Chicago Sun-Times

Northern Illinois 23, Ohio 20: Rosenbagger! - Hustle Belt


ESPN has a great recap, has three videos and a photo gallery of the getty images you can find on this site too (click the image above)

The Detroit Free Press has a nice article on the game and 29 pics from it as well.

The Daily Chronicle has a selection of photos from the MACC that you can buy and frame if you so may choose.


NIU's postgame press conference can be found here on and here on HuskieWire. Ohio's is also on HuskieWire if you like watching sad people.

Also, this. This is the best:

2011 Mac Champions Radio Call (via TheRamblinReck)