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Former Toledo Head Coach sick of losing to Northern Illinois, changes conferences

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Former head coach of the Toledo Rockets, Tim Beckman, appears to have taken the coaching vacancy at Big 10 school University of Illinois.

Beckman is 21-16 in his three years at Toledo with zero conference championships, or even a MAC West division title to his name. You may know Beckman from such exciting games as a complete collapse in the 2010 Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl to Florida International. It's too bad we couldn't have watched Beckman faceoff this Bowl season against Air Force in the Military Bowl Presented by Northrop Gumman. Rockets vs. the Air Force, YEEHAWW.

2009 was the first year for Beckman as the Rockets head coach and was most famous for coaching the team that put a dirty hit on Chandler Harnish, injuring his knee, but also changing him from Bruce Wayne to Batman. After that incident, Chandler put a picture of Beckman on his wall, motivating him for the rest of his career. He hasn't looked back since, and is fresh off a MAC Championship.

The next year Chandler and the Huskies would get their revenge, putting up 65 points and absolutely demoralizing the Rockets. For the former defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State, Beckman decided this was about average and moved on with the season.

Not so fast. 2011 was supposed to be the year for the Rockets to take the MAC Championship or at least win their division. Even Phil Steele thought so, and he is a person that knows things. But no, they were denied in a 63-60 shootout and also couldn't get his hands to form a T-shape as time was winding down. Considering Illinois projects never to be in the lead at ends of games, they ignored these oversights during the interview process.

When contacted for reasoning for taking the job at Illinois, Beckman exclaimed, "I just came to the realization that I could never beat NIU again as head coach of Toledo. I tried to take out their QB, but he just came back out of nowhere and I can't even sleep now because he haunts my dreams at night.

Now I will take my experience as a winner of zero postseason games as a head coach and will spread my coaching prowess to the Fighting Ilini. The best part about this deal is that I won't have to face NIU in the near future. They almost beat the Orange & Blue in 2010 and we'll duck them as much as we can under my watch."

Let the MACtion spread. Let it spread.