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Plans for National Signing Day tomorrow

Hey ya'll, at the current moment Northern Illinois has 18 or so verbals so far that are projected to sign on the bottom line tomorrow.  The complete list can be found over at the Dog Pound, where I have been ever so carefully keeping track of all the players that have committed to the NIU Huskies.

I don't like to cover recruiting much on here, because players can be so fickle so I felt like outsourcing to the message board for that type of coverage.  Anyways, once these commitments turn in to actual signees, you will find out about it right here tomorrow.  Tonight I will put together player profiles of all the players that have committed so far and put them in a queue to post for tomorrow as the NLIs come in.

I'm assuming that we'll find out about who is signing through the official website (maybe Huskie Happenings?).  They'll also have some video of sorts on all-access.  Also, HuskieWire had some good coverage last year as well.

The coverage will go until 9 AM, then I will go to work and hopefully finish everything up by lunch time.

See you tomorrow!