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Doeren has a clear message for the program

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I'm really pumped for this recruiting class and it seems like everybody else is too.  We'll have more highlights as we get caught up on links and news, but right now I just wanted to show you this masterpiece that was assembled from Coach DD himself:


I took the entire transcript of DD's press conference from here and put it into Wordie, which takes all the words spoken and puts them in a neat little design.  He sure likes to say things that start with a G a lot.

What's this?  Both the AD and the Head Coach talking about a berth in a BCS game as a major goal for the program?  What am I reading?  This is what we all want to hear.

Another interesting addition to the recruiting events was the complete naming of the staff and their responsibilities on, off the field and recruiting.  Interesting to note that RBs coach Eddie Faulkner (formall of Ball State) will be the new special teams coordinator.  Tuke will be life skills director, be in charge of JCs and transfers and recruiting Florida.  Finally, the young defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen is the new recruiting coordinator.

We'll have a much more detailed look at the signing class once I don't have a hundred things on my schedule.