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2011 NIU Football Schedule Released

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Date Opponent / Event Location Time
09/03/11 vs. Army DeKalb, Ill. TBA
09/10/11 at Kansas Lawrence, Kansas TBA
09/17/11 vs. Wisconsin Chicago, Ill. (Soldier Field) TBA
09/24/11 vs. Cal Poly DeKalb, Ill. TBA
10/01/11 at Central Michigan # Mt. Pleasant, Mich. TBA
10/08/11 vs. Kent State # DeKalb, Ill. TBA
10/15/11 vs. Western Michigan # DeKalb, Ill. TBA
10/22/11 at Buffalo # Buffalo, N.Y. TBA
11/01/11 at Toledo # TV Toledo, Ohio 6:00 p.m. CT
11/08/11 at Bowling Green # TV Bowling Green, Ohio 7:00 p.m. CT
11/15/11 vs. Ball State # TV DeKalb, Ill. 7:00 p.m. CT
11/25/11 vs. Eastern Michigan # TV DeKalb, Ill. TBA
12/02/11 Marathon MAC Championship TV Detroit, Mich. (Ford Field) 7:00 p.m. CT

[from user jcsportsfan21 via fanpost]

Well the football schedule is out and that means that spring ball is getting closer. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about our schedule this year. I personally can not wait for the game at Toledo on a tuesday night once again. Versus Wisconsin at Soldier Field is huge, but that Toledo game very well could determine our fate to get that elusive MAC Championship victory. So what are everyone's thoughts on our NIU Huskies schedule for this upcoming season?

In my opinion, the schedule is as straight forward as it possibly could be. Yes we have seven 'home games' despite one of those being in a virtual neutral location in Soldier Field with everybody wearing red that day. As evidenced by the first two paragraphs in the press release that made reference to it, this is the best schedule since 2003.

Army? Winnable. Kansas? Winnable. Wisconsin? We have their coach. Cal Poly is just a warmup game before we start conference, even though they usually house pretty tough squads.

Conference schedule? Vanilla. That is until you reach road game #2 against Toledo, given that the Huskies have a couple extra days to prepare for the Tuesday game. That makes things a little more reasonable, but this is the Toledo Rockets in the Glass Bowl of horrors we're talking about. As Joe Novak always said, the road to winning the MAC will be going through Toledo. They will be dangerous but I'm hoping the Huskies can be that much better this upcoming season, at least matching in offensive fireworks.

In terms of a the casual fan perspective, this season is gorgeous. The fans get to see the team play at Huskie Stadium 4 times (+ Soldier Field) in the first 7 weeks! There's no 3-game homestand marathons that put you in a daze or anything like that which has happened over the past few seasons. Let us see the Huskies when the weather is nice and then we can just sit at home and watch them play on ESPN tuesday nights.

Beautiful. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.