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NIU starting linebacker Devon Butler shot last night

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Photo courtesy of Jerry Burnes of the Northern Star.
Photo courtesy of Jerry Burnes of the Northern Star.

The Northern Star was the first to report on this one. Yeesh.

The positive: Two suspects have been taking into custody.

This quote doesn't leave me comfortable in any way.

"I’m not sure the status at this point," said Lt. Gary Spangler at the scene. "He’s still alive, I know that."

This took place by Hillcrest and Aspen, where all of my friends used to or still lived in Dekalb. House party central ya'll.

The worst part about it was that it was the third instance of gunshots fired just in a span of less than a week!

Butler, a sophomore, started the majority of the season at MLB this past year for the Northern Illinois Huskies. Our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and we all wish him a quick recovery.

The Daily Chronicle provides further reading... and here

UPDATE: Devon Butler is in critical condition at St. Anthony's Hospital in Rockford.

UPDATE II: The NStar facebook page says the shooting was because of a drug deal that Butler WAS NOT involved in.

The two suspects charged with murder and other crimes include Mark Orozco, 24 and Richard Van Arsdale, 20. Both NIU students.

The NStar elaborates:

The two suspects custody are both NIU students and are being charged with attempted first degree murder (Class X felony), aggravated battery with a firearm (Class X felony), aggravated discharged of a firearm (Class 1 felony) and unlawful delivery of cannabis (Class 4 felony). The suspects are Mark O. Orozco , 24, of 1234 Rushmoore Drive and Richard F. Van Arsdale, 20, of 900 Greenbrier.

Investigators determined that shots were fired from a vehicle at Apartment No. 3, 1009 Aspen Dr. One of those shots penetrated the window of Apartment No. 3 and struck Butler. 

Investigators determined the apartment was the target of a drug transaction that occurred earlier Tuesday. DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen stressed that there is no indication that Butler as involved or knew about the transaction. 

Butler arrived at the apartment late Tuesday to meet with friends.