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New MAC Basketball Tournament Format: Progressive or dumb?

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Hey ya'll, MAC Football season is almost here and... what is this? MAC basketball news? The MAC suits up basketball squads? I know, it was news to me too.

Anyways, the big news is that the #1 and #2 seeds in the tournament will advance to the SEMI-FINALS of the MAC tournament. That means they will have to win 2 games to win the glorious MAC Championship of basketball. #3 and #4 seeds will advance to the QUARTERFINALS.

That means if you're a #5 ranked NIU team, the Huskies will have to win a first round game against the lowest seed AT HOME, then travel to Cleveland for the second round against some other hack team. THEN they finally get to face yet another lower-seeded team until they FINALLY get to play a #3 or #4 seed. THEN they get to play a #1 or #2 seed that has just been chilling in Cleveland this whole team to get to the Championship. Sorry, but what? That's insane.

The positives

The actual top-2 teams will actually be the top-2 teams in the division, instead of the almost ludicrous MAC East #1 and MAC West #2. Everybody knows that the East balls circles around whatever lowly teams just so happen to hang out in that OTHER division.

The MAC regular season will matter more. Whoopty doo. Since the MAC West and East don't matter in seeding anymore, then why are there still divisions? It just seems silly to me plus if any MAC West team is halfway decent (unlikely) they'll have a really good shot at making the championship game with a terrible SOS.

The tourney team will most definitely have earned their spot at the table. Who knows how Kent State would have done in the tourney the past two years? We don't know because really low seeded-teams like Akron and Ohio beat them out to win the bid to the tourney. No way with this new format that either the Zips or the Bobcats would have made it. Not even that OU team that beat Georgetown in the first round.

Final Thoughts

Props to THE DOC Dr. Jon A. Steinbrecher on making this happen. This will make me hate following the MAC regular season a lot less than I do right now. Hopefully NIU can make a run earlier than later in this soft MAC West basketball division.

The change is crazy, but it just might work in the end. Not a bad idea for a conference that has basically fallen off the face of the earth. Could two bids be in our future? Well let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

Oh and NIU hasn't won a single MAC tourney game since 2003.