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2011 NIU Football Depth Chart Released

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Well here it is!! This is crazy considering how any other previous Northern Illinois coach has been extremely secretive about this type of deal until opening day. Kudos to Coach Doeren and the NIU media department for releasing this. It sure makes my life easier. My initial thoughts:

Holy skill position depth!

Your starting receivers are Martel Moore, Nathan Plamer and Willie Clark. Da'ron Brown is listed under the Y position and I don't know what that is (slot?). Then you have Anthony Johnson, DeMarcus Grady, Perez Ashford and then Jamison Wells at the Y. WOW. That doesn't even include the freshman that have been killing it lately in Juwan Brescacin, Tommylee Lewis and A.J. Sebastiano. Will all three redshirt? Only time will tell.

Jasmin Hopkins is going to have a huge year and there are many different types of guys that can spell him. Who knows who the #2 back is going to be, but it may not matter behind the studly offensive line.

TE is Jack Marks, rFR Tim Semisch (who?) and Adam Kiel. Looks like Cameron Bell got the starting FB spot with Pat McAvoy backing him up. This may not matter since FB and TE this year seem pretty interchangable.

Defense hanging in there

Defensive line is pretty straightforward but lacks any kind of depth due to lack of bodies and various injuries.

Weakside linebacker is going to be an issue all season long. Interesting to see Victor Jacques at the backup MLB spot while Jamal Bass is at WLB with Michael Santacaterina backing him up.

Our secondary is stacked to the tee.

Introducing your special teams lineup

PK - Matthew Sims

KO - Tyler Wedel

P - Ryan Neir

RS - Tommy Davis & Perez Ashford

Less than two weeks!!!