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NIU 42, Kansas 45: A blessing in a very ugly disguise?

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All of our goals are ahead of us. The MAC Championship can be won. With this offense, the sky is the limit. Yet on the other side of the ball, with this defense there are some serious limitations. They WILL get better as the season goes on, when it really counts. Let's hope that this Kansas game was a blip on the radar.

How about fans stop thinking about the BCS and start thinking about winning the little 'ol MAC Conference.

I never bought in to that "NIU to the Big 12" nonsense trolling on facebook, because that's what it truly is, nonsense.

Just as evidenced as the score last night. We didn't have Rashaan Melvin, our starting cornerback and one of the top players on this team. DEPTH is a huge issue for non-BCS squads like ours. We still haven't developed that side of the ball enough to be like a team such as Boise State who has really brought their program up with years of success.

Boise has won their conference 8 times in the past 10 years. TCU three times. Utah three times. It starts in your own conference and you have to build from there.

It would have been nice to defeat the Jayhawks last night, but it was just obvious as a program we are just not there yet. Blame planning for Army. Blame the new coaches. Blame whoever you want, but it's going to be irrelevant as the season goes on.

Next week vs. Wisconsin is where the Huskies have a chance to redeem themselves. If they were to have beaten Kansas, they may not have been AS motivated to beat the Badgers. Maybe. It's just that this loss may have given the Huskies just that much motivation for Soldier Field.

Wisconsin is ranked. We play the Badgers in Soldier Field. We have their old coach. It's a more important win if we can pull it off.

We'll see if that is the case one week from today.