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On the Martel Moore catch reversal

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UPDATE: Big 12 officials have reversed this to a catch again. This affects nothing. Now we have video:

Everybody has their opinion or wants to know if the call on the Martel Moore catch was legit or not. I don't believe that Moore had possession of the ball as it hit the ground and came loose. In one fluid motion, you have to hold on to that thing and then it won't be reversed. But what about the plays that surrounded the catch?

Well here's a rundown of went on that series:

1st and 10 - I'm still trying to figure out this play. Chandler should have let Palmer do something with the ball on an end-around rather than keeping it himself for a loss of 5 yds. It looks like there were some OL confusion.

2nd and 15 - For the second time in this game, Harnish floats a ball over to Jamison Wells over to the right side for a very minimal gain.

3rd and 13 - Decent gain by Akeem Daniels to make up a good chunk of yardage.

4th and 6 - Harnish underthrows the ball significantly while Martel Moore jumps up and takes the ball away. If Harnish puts just a little bit more touch on the ball for a few yards further then it's a sure touchdown.

He then does a 180 degree turn, hits the ground and then the ball rolled out from under him. I re-watched the play about a million times and I believe that the officials made the correct call as part of the ball hit the ground as he fell. What are you going to do? It's a game of inches and you're in Big 12 territory.

Yes it was a big momentum shifter, but that one play alone won't define a game. How about anybody covering WR Kale Pick, who scored a TD for the Jayhawks just moments later?