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NIU Huskies must have short memory, regroup for Cal-Poly

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There's nothing you can do after a loss like that against such a dominating team like the Wisconsin Badgers except get back to the fundamentals and just try to move on to preparing for the conference season. It would have been nice to beat Kansas, but the addition to Russell Wilson at the quarterback position to the Badgers has made them world beaters. Before, you could almost count on a Wisconsin QB to make a mistake somewhere down the line. But with the addition of Russell's speed and decision-making, UW is nearly unbeatable at this point. It's them and everybody else in the Big 10. Nick Toon is also an amazing wide receiver.

Enough about Wisconsin, how are the Huskies preparing this week for an FCS matchup at Huskie Stadium?

We've got your gamenotes and your gamequotes and coach video and player video. On how the team reacted post-Wisconsin:

"No. We came out Sunday and had a tremendous practice. I think the one thing you can take from the film is that we beat ourselves at times. Dropped balls, had a couple of procedure penalties that stopped drives - those are things that aren't characteristic of us. So when you look at the film, it wasn't just that we played a good team, I think our guys know that they've played better. When you see that, you know that if you clean things up you're back on track offensively."

Any improvement for the defense on the horizon?

"We're just trying to keep getting better. Like I've been telling you guys, we have 10 new starters out there. Even though Pat's a returning starter, he hadn't started at Mike in two years. So there are a lot of growing pains. And there's a lot of scheme that these guys are having to handle. We'll take on five different offenses basically in four weeks because this offense runs two offenses. That's a lot for 10 new guys to have to look at.

I'm amazed, just like a lot of people were, about how much the offense struggled. Another performance like that against a conference foe is going to cost the Huskies a lot more:

"It was a reality check for our offensive guys," Doeren said. "The first two games, they scored at will. Illinois (last season) was the last team that really stopped them. … When they watched the film they knew they could have played better."

Harnish and the passing game weren't able to get on the right page on Saturday:

“It was incredibly disappointing,” Harnish said. “It was probably the worst offensive performance I’ve been a part of, myself included. I’m not blaming anybody. I didn’t play a great game either.”

But he and the rest of the team are keeping their heads up:

“We have a lot of seniors on the team, a lot of leadership,” Harnish said. “We’re going to bounce back, we’re going to go into Cal Poly like we’re starting a fresh season, and we’re not looking back. We still have all of our goals out there for us. It starts next week with Cal Poly.”

Just in case you weren't paying attention, NIU got paid for an IPF.

What was up with Chandler Harnish getting relieved by Jordan Lynch early on in the game? For preservation, of course.

It's all about preservation. Doeren said if Harnish and Lynch split 15 runs – as opposed to Harnish making most or all of them – he believes NIU will have a better season.

Other tidbits:

Doeren to Bielema: "Let's not do this again"

How big is NIU's fanbase?