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Former NIU walk-on Kordero Hunter killed in shooting



This is just horrible, horrible news.

After walking-on at defensive back during Coach Kill's initial year at Northern Illinois in 2008, Hunter went on to play at D-II school Central State, which is located in Wilberforce, OH and is the only public HBC in the state of Ohio. Hunter was only on the scout team for a short time and didn't appear on the Independence Bowl roster.

According to the Dayton News, a large number of CSU students were being bussed into Dayton for some sort of 'college night' at a club. Despite not being part of the initial argument, a by-standing Hunter was hit with a single round to the chest and died in the emergency room.

Police say they have identified the suspected shooter, who has suspected gang-affiliations.

Our thoughts go out to his friends, family and teammates.