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NIU 47, Cal Poly 30: A frustrating win

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<em>via Jerry Burnes, Northern Star</em>
via Jerry Burnes, Northern Star

Here we went again against yet another triple option team in Huskie Stadium. Even though we beat both Army and Cal Poly convincingly, I feel like I never want to play teams like these again.

The defense held their own over the first part of the game, while the Huskies only allowed a single touchdown in the first half. After that, it was all Cal Poly. Northern Illinois didn't even take their starters out until very late in the game. If the defense would have made more than one stop in the second half, then the backups would have seen a lot more playing time.

The 23-13 advantage the Mustangs put up in the second half was very disturbing. Don't get me started about the kickoffs.

The offense was still trying to get their groove back early on as the Huskies settled for a couple field goals. This was extremely important considering how much the Wisconsin game seemed to throw anybody off.

The Huskies are back to what we thought they were: An explosive offense and not much defense. We knew these things coming into the season. The NIU Huskies have transformed themselves in the prototypical MAC offensive juggernauts that have the potential to win the conference.

Stud QB? Check.

Unstoppable offense? Check.

In the past, that's all you need to do to win the MAC. The defense has the ability to get better. We saw glimpses of that against Wisconsin and the first half against Cal Poly. New players are playing like Jason Meehan at DE/OLB and Jhony Faustin at CB.

Chandler Harnish had a banner day breaking George Bork's 48-yr old reign on the touchdown record at NIU. Harnish was 18-21, 187 and 2 TDs through the air and 13 carries for 118 yds and a TD on the ground. The man is a machine and will annihilate the rest of the record book throughout the season.

Although the Huskies are 2-2 this year and only a play or two from being a solid 3-1 going into the season. The Kansas loss was frustrating, the Wisconsin loss was embarrassing and this game gave NIU a tiny bit of redemption as they enter MAC play.

The Huskies are lucky they face MAC dregs Central Michigan and Kent State in their next two games, because it still looks like they have some kinks to work out at certain positions on the team.