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RABA's Week 5 Blogpoll

Bama continues to rule the football world with a dominant win over 38-14 win over Arkansas. Oklahoma stood tough with a very scrappy Mizzou squad, winning 38-28 in Norman. Boise is just going to keep being Boise this year, hard to knock 'em down any week. The Bayou Bengals just have been ruling ranked opponents lately, but I still think the teams in front of them are more talented.

Wisconsin is a rolling like a train w/ no brakes. Same goes for Nebraska and they play each other next week. USC beat an underrated Vandy squad, Okie St came back to beat A&M to the dismay of my numerous Aggie friends.

VT is riding high but they have to face Clemson this weekend. After that, there's just a drop-off to a wacky undefeated teams who might not be that great and one-loss teams. Basically pick and choose and I chose the ASU Devils because I think they're going to be better this season than even Illinois, who they lost to last week.

Had byes: Stnaford, Texas.

Thoughts? Criticisms?