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NIU 49, Army 26 Initial Reaction

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The Good

Everything. The start of the game was perfect with the defensive stop and the punt block by Jimmie Ward w/ the Courtney Stephen TD. Yes, our defense came to play thank you very much.

Then my mind started to explode with the high-paced offense. 3 different backs getting used right away, 5 wide formations. None of the weirdness of the play-calling or personnel choosing of the previous regime.

Chandler Harnish on point. 12 of 19 for 195 and 5 TDs to 5 different players (TE Luke Eakes, WR Nathan Palmer, RB Akeem Daniels, RB Jamal Womble and WR Martel Moore). Womble's run on a screen specifically was a thing of beauty.

11 rushes for 80 yds and a TD himself. The offensive line lived up to their hype.

The Bad

I really have to do this? I don't want to hate on the star performer of the game, but Harnish's start to the second half was a bit bizarre on an otherwise stellar night. An INT and taking a sack when he could just throw the ball away. I think he just wanted to get out of the game at that point. Then he did fumble earlier on. Not a big issue.

It was hard finding things to critique in this one. The backup players got a good amount of playing time, but 20 pts given up in the 4th quarter? Eh. Kind of upsetting. Anything else negative that you want to talk about?

Playing an option team like Army IS a bit of an anomaly regarding any judgement on the defense though.

The Ugly

Quite frankly, the presentation of this game on was horrible.

The most annoying thing to me was when they kept showing pointless graphics or replays when another NIU play was happening. The NIU offense ran so fast that the cameras rarely caught up with it. This happened so much, I wanted to rip my hair out. [expletive]. Not to mention the camera guy would consistently get faked out and follow a guy who clearly didn't have the ball.

The quality wasn't that great even when I had 3 or 4 bars of bandwith or whatever.

There were also mis-pronounced names (Pawlak, Matukewicz, Jacques) that you could easily look up in the game notes and congratulations for players that didn't even make the play. And finally, "BAM-O" is the worst catch phrase ever. When did Emeril start doing commentary?

Good game overall. It was as if last season never ended for the 2011 Huskies.