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NIU-Army replay thoughts

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photo courtesy of Jerry Burnes (Northern Star).
photo courtesy of Jerry Burnes (Northern Star). is the greatest thing ever. If we can just get some HD cameras around here. Thoughts from re-watching the game:

Pre-game, Sean Progar got to bring out the American flag while Trevor Olson held on to the Huskie flag. Fitting, as these two players are the best we have on both sides of the ball.

It seems like Bob Chimel gets to announce every NIU game. He was a Huskie assistant from 1985-86. BAM-O. It's amazing how may anecdotes he can get from reading the player bios, yet not read the pronunciation guide.


Don't know if anybody realized this, but the Huskies ran a 3-4/5-2 all game long so there were enough skill players out there on the field to stop the option. Jordan Delegal and Jimmie Ward were lining at the outside spots. Ward's punt block + crackback block on the return were unbelievable.

The ref's name was Ron Snodgrass.

The difference b/w 2 bars of video and 4 bars is negligible in this broadcast. Still can't see any player's numbers unless they do a zoom in. Oh how I yearn for HD.

K Matthew Sims made all of his extra points. Sadly, this was one of the more satisfying moments of the game for myself and others in the post-Kill era.

Cameron Bell will find a way to make plays this year and he started it off on destroying the returner on kickoff coverage after the Huskies' first score.

Good hit by Delegal on the QB rollout that didn't get recorded in the books.

This new offense can be perfectly be described on the first offensive drive when it is 3rd and 2, the Huskies line up 4-wide, the back runs out to make it 5-wide and then rFR slot WR Jamison Wells gets the first down. Last year this would have been a failed QB draw.

Another one of my favorite offensive play-calls is the pro-formation where Chandler is lined up with backs to each of his sides and one behind him as well. Akeem Daniels to his right goes upfield for about a 10 yd completion.

Harnish lost his fumble on a designed run. A Harnish run really was unnecessary at that point. Put Lynch or Grady in there for a play or two and see what happens.

Sure, Jimmie Ward wants to 'run' more on D, but he's got to make tackles first.

Jasmin Hopkins just BURNED the Army defense for a big run. Wasn't too hard to get a touchdown to make it 14-6 after that happened. This offense can score FAST.

Rashaan Melvin is an elite CB.

Is Martel Moore really Randy Moss' cousin?



Wedel's kickoffs were kinda crappy. Was he trying to squib it? Because that's what they mostly were. Fillingim also came in the game for a couple kickoffs. This battle isn't over.

Another Army turnover another NIU TD, this one to Daniels...  28-6

Next offensive drive the Huskies don't stay pat. Doeren says to Canada that he wants to "loosen up" Army's defense, so Martel Moore out-runs the secondary and that would have been a sure TD if Harnish didn't overthrow him.

Oh well. Harnish runs to where he threw the ball on the play right-after for a bunch of yards.

The game is officially over after Moore's big catch and run and Harnish's keeper. 35-6. 7:30 left in the 2nd quarter.


Bizarro Harnish underthrows NaPalm, completes to Anthony Johnson, and then throws off his back foot for an underthrown INT.

WOMBLE WOMBLE WOMBLE. Play of the game. I'm happy he's only a junior. 42-6. 10+ min left in the 3rd.

Schiller looks slow to the outside. This is where Butler shined LY. Could be trouble against some of the faster teams.

Good coverage in the secondary, but... A. Johnson could use a little more polish out there.

NIU completes a 17-play, 97 yd, 5:12 min drive that results in a MM touchdown. A marathon. 49-6.

Here were the results of the previous drives:

  • 3 plays, 72 yds, 1:01
  • 5 plays, 53 yds, 1:35
  • 3 plays, 11 yds, 1:06
  • 8 plays, 82 yds, 2:40
  • 4 plays, 62 yds, 1:29


The backups go in because NIU is up 40+ and it's the 4th quarter.

They give up 20 pts. Bleh.