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Northern Illinois unable to secure Top-25 Ranking despite 11-3 record

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NIU has the longest winning streak in the nation at 9 games. They just destroyed the Sun Bel Champions Arkansas State. But they aren't a Top-25 team? Does that make any sense? Let's look at who beat the Huskies out:

The polls are in and NIU ranks #28 in the AP poll with 33 pts, behind

#27 8-5 Auburn (40 pts)

#26 10-3 BYU (51 pts)

#25 10-3 Cincinnati (103 pts)

#24 9-4 Nebraska (143 pts)

In the USA Today/Coaches Poll the NIU Huskies rank #26 with 36 pts, behind

#25 10-3 BYU (79 pts)

#24 9-4 Nebraska (144 pts)

BYU beat 8-5 Tulsa, a team that didn't even make it's own championship game 24-21. What a joke. They stayed in on name-recognition only. Nebraska lossed to a higher-ranked South Carolina team, so I guess you can cut them some slack.

It was one of those rare seasons where there weren't too many upsets this season regarding teams in the fringe part of the Top-25.

THIS NIU squad could beat anybody. The NIU team at the beginning of the season couldn't stop anybody. The Kansas and Central Michigan losses may have been good motivation early on, but they look horrible on a resume. Not to mention not even being competitive against a Wisconsin squad that finished 10th in the nation.

Yes, the Huskies deserve to be in the Top-25 and were only two inexplicable losses away from doing so. Central Michigan didn't make the Top-25 until the last week in 2009, but they were 12-2 and were undefeated in conference play. They also beat Michigan State, a BCS victory the Huskies didn't have on their resume this year.

It's disappointing, but what are you going to do? Coach Doeren helped this team improve immensely as the season wore on. We on the MAC Championship and the Bowl game.

It's never too early to start setting goals for next year...